Get to know me

A brief about me

Holds a first class honours Bachelors Degree in Textile Engineering, an Executive MBA and works as a change and business re-engineering consultant for the manufacturing industries in Kenya. He runs a blog, he is a life Coach, mentor and Motivational speaker as well as a Swahili interpreter.

He has worked at senior levels in Garment factories, printing and packaging, fruit processing , new and retread tyre production, and manging small scale farmers programs. He is a director at various companies and Chairman of Shebna Investments Limited. He also chairs the Global mentorship network advisory Board.

He has been involved in young Kenyan mentorship programs especially Dulous School of excellency, A deliverance Church Umoja young people mentorship program for youth ready to join the University.

His first book , Bail Out Plan is used as study material for various Personal development programs.

He lives in Nairobi, Kenya with his wife Nemayian, Daughters Mimo and Shini and the miracle son Sam.